We are simply a space where like-minded people connect and create. We are Open, Community-driven, and passionate about Technology and Entrepreneurship.
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Ecosystem Events
A thriving ecosystem makes building more easier. - from our experienceso far.
We are serious about the development of the local tech ecosystem wherever we are. So far, we are doing this by hosting regular events from small meetups to conferences. We do not do this in isolation, hence we take partnerships very seriously. No need to reinvent the wheel!
Entrepreneurship Support
At the heart of everything we do is Technology. Fusing Tech and Business, we support local businesses to reach more customers and handle other business processes better.
We deploy several digital solutions including mobile apps, web apps, and email services. Beyond that, we are happy about standing by entrepreneurs to build businesses that will grow into innovative startups. We are continuously learning ourselves, and we are looking forward to doing more for local entrepreneurs.
Branding and Digital Marketing
You’ll make more profit if you get more ROI on the efforts and money you spend on creating visibility for your business. Good + modern technology can influence this.
At BuildSpace, we constantly testing and developing affordable branding solutions that are powered by tech and designed to help our customers succeed.
Technical Services
Again, technology is at the heart of everything we do. And in order to make things, we have an engineering power-house. Our team provide technical services like software development, SEO, SEM, and more.
Education / Training
Want to learn some new skills? You can join one of our training programs. We provide digital skills training to the general public. Our course includes web development, app development, analytics, digital marketing, and more.
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